3 Common Wedding Day Transportation Myths Debunked

A wedding is a one-off event, and once it is over, all you will be left with are the memories. It is therefore essential to make it as outstanding and unforgettable as possible. How successful your marriage will be solely depends on the effort you put into it. Enjoy the big day but remember that this is the beginning of a new journey and you need to plan for it as well. It is important to be keen on how you use resources. Otherwise you may start off your marriage life in a financial crisis. Remember that wedding expenses may determine the success of your marriage. Here are some transportation myths you should get past when planning your wedding.

  1. You should not book your transportation long before the wedding

On the wedding day, you want everything to work out perfectly. You want to have a beautiful cake, an elegant dress, an amazing tuxedo and a convenient means of transport. Failure to book your transportation early enough, however, could lead to transportation delays or you could even be forced to drive yourself and your bridal party to the event which is not an exciting way to make a grand entrance to your one-off event. This is because reputable companies receive massive traffic during certain times and it is easy to miss out on their ride. During the period before your wedding, there are many things that you are required to put in place and booking your car service will reduce your worry and give you a chance to focus on other important things. It will also help avoid the last-minute rush.

  1. Guests should organize for their transportation home

While it could be cheaper to have your guests make their way to their homes on their own, it is convenient to organize for their transportation. This because some people may not be well conversant with the directions of the place and getting their way home would be a big hustle for them. Hiring a transportation service to take them home will also give you peace of mind knowing that your guests will get home safely.

  1. Most chauffeurs are not experienced

This is not true because, to become a chauffeur, one has to be above a certain minimum age, have a professional appearance, have a clean driving history, and obtain a special license among other qualifications. Also, before one is hired by a private company, they get on-the-job training where they are taught about things like local traffic laws, how to operate specific vehicles, customer-service practices, traffic and route patterns and other important road practices. They are also taught how to respond to issues of traffic and parking. Unlike ordinary drivers, chauffeurs are trained to assist you throughout the journey, and it is effortless to strike a rapport with them.

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Posted on May 15 2018

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