4 Reasons to Plan a Fall Wedding in the Northeast

One of the best things about living in the Northeast is being able to experience the changes of the four seasons. Here are some reasons why the best season to choose would be fall.

The Scenery. Fall in the northeast is amazing! The leaves changing into bright beautiful colors make for a great background for your photos. A white dress will pop with the fall leaves behind you. Having the changing leaves with an outdoor wedding could have you save money decorating at your ceremony. The trees will do the job for you.

Fall Season Decorations

Won’t be too hot or too cold. The humidity in the Northeast during the summer could sometimes be unbearable. The winters are too cold and unpredictable. Fall has cooler temperatures with a nice warm sun and crisp breeze. You can keep your wedding outdoors if you wish. As a bride your makeup won’t melt off your face and your guests won’t be roasting in a hot sun.

Apples and Pumpkins make great décor. Whether it’s something nice to see for when guests walk in or to spice up your center pieces pumpkins and apples go great with a fall wedding. You can give your wedding that nice rustic feel.

Romantic. Fall weather gives you that romantic feel. You could incorporate a fire pit into your wedding so guests can get cozy by the fire. Having a s’mores bar could be a nice touch as well.

Posted on Oct 11 2017

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