All Your Travel Needs

We want your travel to be stress free. Whether it’s going on vacation with your family or going on a work trip alone, we'll help you with all your travel needs. Elite Limousine has worldwide coverage. With our single location in Norwalk, CT and affiliates all over the world, we can ease your travel planning with one phone call.

I know when I travel, I don't want to use a company without researching what they are like-- knowing I can trust them to get me where I need to be on time and safe. We have that covered for you. Our affiliates are companies we have looked into and feel we can trust. We want our customers to feel safe and we would only work with companies who feel the same.

When you call to book your car to the airport, we will always ask you if you need help at your destination with transportation. When visiting a foreign city, it can be difficult to arrange transportation, so we will do it for you. As well as getting you home. It is much less of a hassle to just go through one company than to get off a plane and try to find the phone number of the next company that is picking you up. All it takes is one phone call to book all of your transportation and one company for any questions or concerns you may have.

Another good thing about using a single company, like Elite Limo, is the safety of knowing who has your credit card information. You will not have to give your credit card information to another company, hoping they don’t charge you false charges and having to get back home to try to call and fix it. Your credit card will only be charged through us and we'll handle the payment to the affiliate company.

Our job is to make sure our customers are satisfied and feel safe. Let us make your next overseas trip easier with our worldwide service.

Posted on Feb 22 2016

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