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Elite Limousine Blog Articles in Business Travel

We live in a digital age when you can communicate over phone, email, text, social media and a dozen other mediums. You can also conduct meetings using virtual teleconferencing platforms that allow...

Posted on Mar 12 2019

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If you are a frequent traveler and you want to get the most of your trip, and luxury and comfort are on your bucket list for this year, then you should start maximizing frequent flyers and loyalty...

Posted on Feb 05 2019

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There are some situations where you just need a bit of luck to get ahead. Unfortunately, traveling is not always one of them. Even the savviest of travelers understand that there are many things that...

Posted on Aug 21 2018

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Are you trying to figure out what team building activities are ideal for corporate events? You are in luck. We know just the team building events to do that will impress both your clients and...

Posted on Aug 14 2018

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Most employers are looking for ways to create engaged employees. The reason is not surprising. Engaged employees help increase revenue and provide quality products and services. In addition to this,...

Posted on Jul 31 2018

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Almost every airline in the United States now offers the just-pay-for-a-seat flights. This is not really a bad thing if your only aim is to get from one point to another. However, if you think of how...

Posted on Jul 03 2018

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If you live in the Connecticut area, taking advantage of the lovely summer weather and doing a lot of fun activities is very beneficial. When you are looking to plan a fabulous night out, one...

Posted on Jun 12 2018

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Unlike other means of transport, limos have a variety of uses. You can use them for both formal and casual events be it a wedding, birthday, graduation, or an office retreat. A limo will give you...

Posted on May 08 2018

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Whether you travel a lot for business or a couple times a year, any type of travel can be stressful. Here are 3 tips to make business travel easier for you: 1. Pack light. If...

Posted on May 10 2016

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