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Elite Limousine Blog Articles in Travel And Leisure

Any vacation can become stressful if you do not plan properly. Even a trip to a tropical island can become a disaster if you do not know what to expect. There are many different landmarks around the...

Posted on Apr 09 2019

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Casino trips are a popular choice for weekend getaways. The entire trip can feel like a night out on the town. Casino trips are about more than just gambling. The whole experience can be filled with...

Posted on Feb 19 2019

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Major sports events are a great opportunity for towns to show off their best hospitality. Many hotels, restaurants, and tourist sites can bring in extra income during these events. They can be a...

Posted on Feb 12 2019

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If you are heading to NYC for restaurant week this year, you are in for a treat. This event runs for more than two weeks each year and offers excellent deals at some of New York’s most prestigious...

Posted on Jan 22 2019

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The year is ending, and we are heading into a new and exciting period. For avid travelers, it is time to quench our adventures. For some of us, we have had a wonderful time traveling the world. For...

Posted on Jan 03 2019

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It is time to say goodbye to another glorious year. It is a period of gratitude and celebration. This season in Connecticut comes with fun and excitement, and the atmosphere is magical. Let the...

Posted on Dec 18 2018

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Airport travel is known for being time-consuming, expensive and an overall hassle. With decades of travel experience, there are some experts who know the ins-and-outs of handling airports. Here are...

Posted on Nov 06 2018

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Shake your shamrocks on down to these local St Patrick’s Day Parades! Grab your lucky charm and enjoy the festivities. Elite Limousine wanted to share the dates and times of some of the best St...

Posted on Mar 08 2018

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Ho, Ho, Ho, and a bottle of rum! If this holiday season has you stressed out between the family gatherings, food prep for parties, gift buying, and more then you deserve a cold drink in hand....

Posted on Dec 04 2017

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As the cold whether approaches we often find ourselves looking for things to do to keep busy and have fun. Even though the leaves have started to fall, the sun is still out and festivals are...

Posted on Nov 02 2017

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