Holiday Traveling: How To Avoid Crowds and Save Money

Making Traveling During the Holidays Bearable

Living in the greater metropolitan New York area, we're used to the volume of traffic on a day-to-day basis, but then the holidays come around. Traffic becomes a nightmare and holiday traveling becomes a whole lot more stressful. Well, I can’t stop the stress of the holiday traffic, but I can give you some tips on how to try to avoid those crazy days and beat the high prices for flying which will indeed save you some of the stress.

First and foremost, I will state the obvious; flying on the weekends is going to be more expensive. If you’re going away for a week, try for a Tuesday to Tuesday, you will definitely save money. Flying home on a Sunday will be the most expensive. Flying out the Wednesday before Thanksgiving will also be pricey, but if you fly on Thanksgiving Day, you will save, same with traveling on Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Pick early morning flights. Yes, you will roll out of bed and be half asleep, but on the bright side you'll beat the traffic and the airports will be less busy. It is also said that with early morning flights you are less likely to be delayed, so if you pick to fly on a holiday, you should be able to make it in plenty of time for all the festivities.

What’s really great about the New York area are all the choices of airports we have. When buying tickets be sure to look at all of your options among the different airports. Sometimes traveling to an airport you normally don’t go to will save you some money or even get you the flight at the time you need. Always shop around for your best option, don’t settle for the first good price you see, there could be something better out there!

Another trick to saving some money on travel for the holidays would be to wait for Cyber Monday. Yes, last minute for any travel in December, but there are tons of hotel deals you can receive to keep the stress of buying gifts on top of traveling down.

If you are going away be sure to buy your plane tickets in advance, especially if you have specific dates in mind! As you know, buying in advance you are likely to get a cheaper rate than a last minute purchase and on top of that flights fill up fast for the holidays and airports will overbook airlines. Make sure you get to the airport nice and early the day of as well. Being there early will help you feel calmer about going through security and you will be guaranteed your seats.

Be sure to print your boarding passes at home. Your boarding pass is available 24 hours before your flight. If you want to avoid the check in line when you get to the airport, print your boarding pass the day before and walk right to security instead of waiting in line.

Enjoy the holidays and be sure to choose Elite Limousine for all of your travel needs!

Posted on Dec 07 2015

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