Marketing Your Car Service To Millennials

Millennials are taking over. Growing up at the same time as the internet starting to really take off, they are the most tech-savvy people out there. Representing about 1/3 of the population today, it’s time to market to them.

Millennials are the best at spreading the word and getting you out there without even realizing their doing it. Being the most internet-savvy, they are on just about every social networking site out there. When you attract a younger crowd and they use your car service, there will be numerous pictures taken and even videos posted on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat within 5 minutes. You'll get a shout out and a hashtag in several photos-- all helping to get your name out there. Friends of theirs or their parents will see these tags and keep you in mind for any upcoming events such as weddings or proms.

Focusing on internet advertising is key when speaking directly to millennials. The more you are online, the more they will see you and think of you for various occasions. If you think about it, they are probably the most active and most likely to use car services: big birthday bashes such as a 21st or 30th, proms, weddings, concerts, you name the event and I’m sure millennials are part of it. Getting your name out there on social media streams or sites millennials are inclined to visit will certainly get you recognized.

Yes, today millennials use a whole lot of Uber or cabs and the like to drive themselves places, but for special events or to impress that someone special they want a luxury car service; especially when it comes to going to a concert or a sporting event. Did you ever realize millennials usually travel in large groups of friends? Advertising party buses or luxury vans that they can afford or split among their group of friends will be eye catching. Everyone enjoys hanging out together and gossiping before going into an event. If they are old enough, they are going to want to drink together and nothing is worse than being the designated driver during these times when you want to sit back, relax and throw back a beer or two. Plus, taking one vehicle as opposed to three will save time when it comes to parking and meeting up with the rest of the party.

Marketing to millennials is essential for the present and future growth of luxury car services. Do a good job, and they will use your services as well as help you get your name out there over and over again.

Posted on Mar 03 2017

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