Party Bus In Norwalk (Keeping It Classy)

Renting a party bus to get a group of friends together for any event is always a fun outing. Our drivers strive to create a worry-free experience for you. Here's 3 rules to keep in mind so you and your driver can have a safe and enjoyable ride.

  1. Alcohol can only be consumed by those who are of age. Underage drinking is most common during proms which is when party buses are rented the most. We do not allow people underage to drink on our vehicles. The buses will be taken away from them and they will be stranded without a ride if caught. Our company will also be fined. It is the law that we cannot allow anyone underage to drink on our vehicles.

  1. Since party buses have a higher ceiling it is always tempting to get up (especially to dance). For your safety we need passengers to keep seated. We do understand getting up to move next to someone or to take a picture or get another drink, but while the bus is in motion it is best to remain seated. You also do not want to distract your driver in anyway.

  1. Accidents happen, drinks will spill. Please do your best to keep the buses clean. There are cleaning products on our buses if you happen to spill anything. Make sure you keep the garbage together in a garbage bag. Your driver is responsible for cleaning up any mess you leave, so please be courteous and try to keep the bus as clean as possible.

We want everyone to enjoy their time and have a safe ride to their destination. Please help us out with no underage drinking, no standing and keeping it clean. Remember to use Elite Limousine Service in Norwalk for all your party bus and travel needs!

Posted on Aug 01 2016

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