Tips for Booking Your Prom Limo

Everyone wants a limo for their prom! One of the highlights in high school is prom so why not ride in limo style. Whether it’s a big group, a few friends or just one couple, we have the transportation for you. Here are some tips on making sure you get the prom limo of your choice.

  1. Most importantly, book ahead of time. You wouldn’t get your dress or tuxedo a couple days before prom right? So why would you wait until the last minute to book your transportation? One of the most popular modes of transportation to proms these days are party buses-- which book fast. Figure out if you would like to go with a big group of friends, a couple of friends or just you and your date, then get the ball rolling.
  2. Choose a pick up location. Before the prom, everyone wants to take pictures; maybe you want to meet up with some other friends for pictures. Make sure you have the location, whether it’s someone’s house or another location, get that set. Plan a meeting time and remember to allow enough time for everyone to arrive, get the pictures done and climb into your ride.
  3. After Prom. It is best when booking your prom limo that you know where your transportation is bringing you after the prom. Whether it's back to the same pick up location or different location, get it all figured out ahead of time. With all the excitement of coming out of prom and having a great time, it would be easier for your chauffeur to know your drop off location.

Check out our fleet and pick out your transportation for prom!

Posted on Feb 02 2016

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