Uber Drivers Can Cancel Your Trip After They Accept It!

It’s safe to say that everyone has heard someone say “just call an uber” when you’re debating how to get from point A to point B. The common perception is that traveling via Uber is cheaper, better than a cab, reliable and safe due to being able to see the drivers’ photo, ratings, and reviews. I won’t lie, I’ve used Uber many times on various occasions. One time in particular though changed the way I viewed the driving service.

I travel for work and when I do I need a dependable source of transportation to get to the airport. This time I needed to go to airport right when I got out of a meeting so I required a transportation service that I could get within minutes. So, like most of you would, I called for an Uber. My first thoughts were “this is perfect. I can schedule them to pick me up when I know I will be getting out of my meeting and then head straight to the airport in time to catch my flight.” It seemed like a no-brainer. Wrong.

Did you know that Uber drivers can and WILL cancel your trip after they already accepted it? I wasn’t aware of this and found out the hard way. After talking to a few people after my experience I found out a lot of people didn’t know of this circumstance either. Turns out the Uber driver doesn’t know where your destination is, just the amount of time it will take to get to there. It’s not until they choose to pick you up and you’re in the vehicle that they find out. I had TWO, not one but two, Uber drivers back-to-back for the same trip pick me up, let me in the car, and then deny to transport me to my destination. They cancelled my trip and had me call for yet another driver. I went from being calm because I planned ahead to stressed about possibly missing my flight! To be clear, calling another Uber doesn’t mean they’ll be there in an instant, you may have to wait more than 10 minutes based on where these drivers are that are “willing” to come get you.

After the second try with Uber I had had enough. I called Elite Limousine because I had to get to the airport immediately and I had known coworkers who had used them because they were close by. Elite understood my situation and said this wasn’t the first time they got a call due to this Uber rule. I was worried they wouldn’t have any vehicles or drivers available on such short notice but within 15 minutes I was in the car and on the way to LaGuardia. The best part….a luxury car service from Elite Limousine cost me less than Uber was going to. Rule of thumb- Uber can replace a taxi going a mile or two down the road but they cannot replace the reliability of a professional car service when going further.

Witten By Guest Author: Gillian Doucette

Posted on Dec 18 2017

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