Uber vs. Elite Limousine

Most people are pretty familiar with Uber, the transportation app-based company that is a taxi alternative. I’m sure you have heard plenty of people say, “We’ll just take an uber.” Yes, uber is an easy to use app, but do you really know the difference between using an uber and using a limousine service? Here are some things to think about next time you want to “just take an uber.”

Who are these drivers? Yes, you get a picture of your driver once you book your car, but who are they? How did they become an Uber driver? Anyone 21 years or older with a car can drive for the company. They carry their own insurance and do not need any type of experience. Did anyone else read the story about the man from San Francisco whose Uber driver hit him in the head with a hammer and fractured his skull? Uber doesn’t even think they should be at fault because they are a marketplace and not a transportation provider. I thought Uber screens all of their drivers? Do you really want to feel unsafe when getting into your Uber car? Uber doesn’t even feel comfortable enough to trust their drivers.

Did you know Uber can cancel your car at any time? When you book through Uber, a driver can accept the trip but then cancel and not show up. Imagine trying to get to the airport and not being able to find someone to drive you there because the Uber drivers in the area don’t want to take the trip. Our service will never limit you to where you would like to go. We do not refuse jobs just because we do not feel like making the long drive to the airport or because we don’t want to deal with the city traffic. We will always try to put 100% into every trip and satisfy your travel needs. Even in the winter, when there is a snow storm, we can get you where you need to be in our top-of-the-line SUVs.

When traveling for business or for pleasure there are plenty of times where you need the car to wait for you and take you to your next destination. Is there a guarantee Uber drivers will wait around for you? No. Elite Limousine understands you may need to be picked up at the airport, brought to your hotel and then to a meeting within a few hours. Our customers come first and we want to make sure we can get you to all of your destinations on time and safely.

Uber does not have a customer service number, just an email. If you have any questions or concerns or anything with your ride you cannot actually talk to somebody. There are plenty of instances where you may need to talk to customer service. Emailing an issue is a pain. You never know if someone is going to get back to you or even help you resolve your problem or concern.

Posted on Nov 13 2015

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