4 Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding in New England

All of us here in the Northeast know the risks of winter weddings-- there's a chance there could be snow and ice, which can make travel hard for you and your guests for sure-- but let’s look at some of the more positive aspects of a winter wedding.!

  1. More availability of resources. During the busy wedding season, there may be less availability of the car or bus you had in mind. Of course you're going to need some safe transportation if there is snow on the ground. You're more likely to get the car or bus you'd like for your wedding transportation during the 'off-season'. You'll also be able to have a better choice of venues, DJs and photographers, since not as many people find the winter months in New England an ideal time to get married. In addition to being more open and available, some may even be willing to give you a discount.

  1. More romantic. Of course weddings are romantic on their own, but imagine the winter when it's nice and cold and cozying up to your partner to vow to spend the rest of your lives together. Imagine if you got a nice snow fall the day before to have the magical winter wonderland back drop in your wedding pictures.

  1. Dare to be different. How many times when someone is getting married do they say they are aiming for a colorful fall wedding or a sunny summer wedding? When does anyone say “I want a beautiful winter wedding?” Go ahead, be the different one of the bunch! Plus, you won’t have to worry about there being another big wedding on or around your own special date so guests will not need to choose between events.

  1. More special honeymoon. Most people go on their honeymoon within a couple of days after they get married. You have the option of going from a gorgeous, cold wedding to a relaxing, hot vacation. What’s better than taking a tropical vacation when it's freezing in your hometown?

Posted on Nov 08 2016

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